Online poker and betting options for Celtic fans

Football clubs are always on the lookout for sponsors and even though the main sponsors are those that are found on the front of the kit, there are many other ways for football clubs to pick up funding. Things like naming the stadium, stands, the youth club, having official water suppliers and many more options are available for football teams to bring added funds into the club and to give other firms access to the fans. There is something of benefit for all parties but as clubs strive to find new ways to make money, the sponsorship deals start to become more convoluted.

Sponsorship is always welcomed

As one of the top teams in Scotland and a regular feature in European football, you would expect that Celtic do not have to work too hard to bring sponsors in. The only problem is that the club finds their income is completely dwarfed by their neighbours from down south in England and every avenue must be explored. This is why the club has not only signed a deal with Betdaq as the official sportsbook partner of the club but also with 888 Poker, who are now the official online poker partner of the club.

A captive audience every week

Having two online gaming partners is perhaps a bit much but it indicates the ways that clubs can bring in funds and also the ways that online firms will try and get new customers. With Celtic advertising the firms on their website, in their matchday programmes and no doubt on the big screens at Celtic Park, there is the chance for these firms to get their message across to tens of thousands of people in the stadium on matchdays and much more through the club’s website. It is not as if every fan at Celtic Park will automatically choose to use these sites but it is a way of spreading the word and having new members sign up.

There is a brand loyalty attached to football clubs that very few businesses or institutions could ever hope to achieve which is why this sort of deal is so attractive for an online gaming firm. Being able to tap into a football club’s fanbase and be associated strongly with a team will see the firm be viewed more positively by a great number of that club’s support. Not everyone will automatically head to these sites but you can bet that this sort of partnership will provide many new fans to a site.

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