Play Poker at the Theatre of Dreams

A lot of people dream of having the opportunity to play at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club. The stadium has been nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams and for many football fans around the world, it is easy to see why. The club have won the most league titles in English domestic football as well as winning the European Cup / Champions League on three occasions. They may have lost out in their most recent final to Barcelona but they still won their domestic title with ease. It is also fair to say that many people have a lot of distrust and even hatred for Manchester United but such is the nature of football rivalry.

Sadly, most people will not get the chance to grace Old Trafford with their football skills but if you are a poker player, you may just get the chance to strut your stuff in the famous stadium. Yes, it is a bit of a twist on what most people expect but there is the opportunity for poker players from all over the world to converge on Old Trafford and take part in a tournament that will greatly appeal to anyone who loves the Red Devils.

A great tie in for the Grand Series of Poker

The Grand Series of Poker is hoping to boost their reputation and awareness with this event which will be taking place in August and as always, if you are looking to gain entry to the competition, there are a number of satellite events that are well worth checking out. The buy-in for the event is $1,650 but if you are lucky enough to qualify from one of the satellite tournaments, you will find this buy-in and a lot more being take care of. Accommodation, spending money and even a tour around Old Trafford itself is up for grabs so if you want to see the inside of the stadium and learn all about the history of the famous club, this could be the best way to combine it with your love of poker.

Manchester United always on the lookout for money

There will be some United fans unhappy about the link-up with a poker tournament in this manner but no doubt the club will be raking in a lot of money from the deal. It is also fair to say they expect the cash registers of the club shop to be seeing a lot of business with the amount of visitors popping by during the event. All in all, it sounds like a tournament where everyone can win, win and win!

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