Pocket Fives providing valuable poker advice

The effects of Black Friday are still rumbling in the online poker community and if anything, it is the aftershocks that are still occurring that are having the bigger effect on a greater number of people involved with poker.

From US based poker players realising that a great source of income has been taken away from them to many poker forums and websites finding that their affiliate commission has dropped dramatically, a lot of people are struggling for income when it used to come much more freely. It probably wasn’t the intention of the FBI to cause so much disruption to normal people’s lives but then again, it is not as if there is ever any thought for the little guy or girl in these situations.

The shutdown has affected many people

The Pocket Fives forum has been greatly impacted upon by the shutdown and the forum is no longer advertising any US based poker site on their platform. The site organisers would have realised that next to no commission was coming in and removing these adverts is a sensible decision. After all, no one knows if another crackdown will come so it is best to remove any traces that could land a site in trouble or difficulty.

Set up a new home to continue playing poker

However, the Poker Fives site has started providing information and advice to the many US based poker players who are considering fleeing the country and setting up a new home elsewhere. This makes a lot of sense because if poker is your main source of income, it doesn’t make sense to stay in a country where playing online poker is illegal and probably requires a lot of technical know-how to play online. Moving country is never a decision that should be taken lightly but many people are finding that this is the only plausible solution to their problems.

The site has advice about which countries are welcoming to poker players and which countries should be avoided. The US is not the only country with a strict policy on online poker and it probably isn’t the worst so knowing which other countries need to be avoided is great information for any poker player. Apart from that, the Poker Fives site is providing links and tips about what needs to be done before putting the emigration process into play. Good poker owes a lot to being prepared and the Poker Fives site is definitely helping players continue their poker career.

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