Sporting stars become Betfair ambassadors

Betfair is a site that has transformed the way that people bet online and has given a greater opportunity to make money for everyone concerned. There is also a better chance to trade off your potential winnings and losses which has helped many people to minimise the risks they carry when online gambling. This means that the overall money that people win is less but this is better than having the risk of losing a lot of money. These sporting stars will help the company to reach out to new members and to continue to spread the word about the site.

Dixon is better than Alan Shearer

One of the biggest names that Betfair have teamed up with is Lee Dixon, the former Arsenal and England full-back. Dixon is probably better known to younger viewers for his punditry work with the BBC, most notably on Match of the Day 2, the Sunday night football show. This show has allowed Dixon to reveal a strong analytical brain when it comes to football and has so far allowed him to avoid the catchphrase style moaning of Alan Hansen, the camp tomfoolery of Mark Lawrenson and the god awful horrible nature of Alan Shearer. Is there a blander yet nastier man alive than Alan Shearer? Perhaps Betfair could run a few bets on that this season?

An all-round sports cast

Joining Dixon is Michael Vaughan, the former captain of the English cricket team, Will Greenwood, a member of the 2003 English Rugby World Cup winning team and Paul Nicholls, a well-respected jump trainer. Getting highly rated people from four top betting sports makes perfect sense for Betfair and it should ensure that no matter what sport people are interested in betting on, there is likely to be an ambassador that they can turn to. Hedging their bets is obviously something that Betfair like to do with their team as well as their actual bets on site!

The company has not been slow to use these big names in a promotional campaign and a new advertisement can be found on the Betfair site. It is a pastiche of the hugely popular Ferrero Rocher advert with the four big names wandering around the high class party wowing people with their sporting knowledge. In fact, you could say that the Betfair sporting ambassadors are really spoiling the people at the party with their in-depth level of sporting knowledge!

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