The November 9 are in place

It won’t be long until the WSOP Main Event concludes but poker fans are already excited about the final rankings for the November 9 event. It is a youthful looking table which could make for some exciting poker play but regardless of who makes the event, this is always going to be of interest to poker players.

The final 9 players are:

  • Anton Makievskyi hailing from the Ukraine and 21 years old
  • Pius Heinz, a 22 year old from Germany
  • Samuel Holden, from England and also 22 years old
  • Phil Collins, from the United States of America and is 26 years old
  • Matt Giannetti, from the United States of America and is 26 years old
  • Ben Lamb, from the United States of America and is 26 years old
  • Eoghan O’Dea, another 26 year old player but hailing from Ireland
  • Martin Staszko, a 35 year old from the Czech Republic
  • Badih Bounahra, a 49 year old from Belize

It can be seen that Badih Bounahra is the oldest player at the table by some distance and he goes a long way to raising the average of the table. 7 of the 9 players involved in the November 9 are 26 years old or younger but the average age of the players at the table is 28! Bounahra will no doubt be looking forward to teaching the youngsters a thing or two about poker when it comes time for the big event.

Remember the 5th of November

The November 9 starts of the 5th of November (a day that people should always remember) as one of the most prestigious WSOP bracelets goes on the line. There is a lot of money at stake, a lot of money as the figures below will indicate, but in years to come, it is the bracelet that will mean the most to the poker player. Okay, the fact that they will likely be wearing their WSOP bracelet while sitting on a yacht or in a massive house will be nice and will owe a lot to the money but the jewellery is always going to be an important draw for any poker player!

The winner of the November 9 will walk away with a sum of just less than $9m, which is a phenomenal amount. Even coming in 9th (or last as some people will call it), will see you walk away with $782,000, which has to be seen as a prize worth taking. Avoiding last place will see a player walk away with at least $1m!

The financial split for the event is as follows:

  1. $8.7m
  2. $5.4m
  3. $4.0m
  4. $3.0m
  5. $2.2m
  6. $1.7m
  7. $1.3m
  8. $1.0m
  9. $782k
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