Tom Dwan still without a WSOP bracelet

In most sports, a lot of people will have a lot of love and backing for the underdog. It is a natural thing in life where people like to see the odds being upset and people triumphing against adversity. If your team is the one being shocked by a giant killing it isn’t much fun but everyone else can take a great deal of pleasure in seeing an unexpected victory happens. However, there are sometimes when a big player gets a lot of public backing because they have always fallen short at the big hurdle.

Some big names fell short in their career

Brian Clough never won a FA Cup which meant that many football fans were rooting for him if their team was knocked out. Sadly, ol’ Big Head never managed to add that trophy to the rest of his collection. Jimmy White always seemed so close to being the World Champion, reaching six finals but losing them all. Ivan Lendl was a huge Wimbledon favourite but never managed to find the right finish and Colin Montgomerie never won a major golf tournament but not a lot of people supported him because his attitude stinks. This is also important to remember, if you are gracious in defeat and keep plugging away, people will back you. If you continually moan and blame others like Colin Montgomerie, a look-alike for Mrs Doubtfire, most people will actually take pleasure at your continual failings

Dwan still lacking in bling

Tom Dwan is certainly not a Montgomerie style figure and many people were rooting for him to finally pick up his first WSOP bracelet. He was going strongly in the WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Championship which was taking place at the Rio Hotel and Casino. There is a desperate need for players who are on the best without a bracelet list to finally break their duck but once again, the jewellery evaded Dwan.

He was knocked out in fifth place and even though this saw Dwan walk away with over $130,000, the player no doubt still felt upset at falling short once again. Finishing runner-up in a hold e’m event last year will still be the biggest kick in the teeth for Dwan but the latest defeat would hardly have been a barrel of laughs either.

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