Tom Watson hits a hole in one

There are many golfers that get a lot of respect from the crowds at major tournaments but there is no doubt that the older the player becomes, the more respect they get from the crowd. There is definitely something pleasing about seeing a professional stay at the top of their game for a number of decades and this is often what the golf fans are applauding when they see these fine players make their way around the course.

Straight down the middle

However, there are still moments when these veteran players manage to put the rest of the golfing field in their place and this definitely occurred at The Open this year. The crowd who had turned up on Friday were able to see a moment of golfing majesty at the 6th hole. Watson used a four-iron at the hole, which runs for 169 yards, and the crowd erupted when they saw the ball head straight for the hole. With one bounce, the ball found its way into the cup and Watson was able to add another great golfing achievement to a very long list.

Watson is a winner unlike some

This hole in one helped Watson to obtain a score of 70, which saw him comfortably make the cut, keeping him in the tournament. Even though Watson will probably not fancy himself to take the title, the fact that he remains in the event when so many major players missed out on the event or have missed the cut indicates that he is still amongst the top golfers in the world. Golfing loser Colin Montgomerie had had to sit out this years event so the fact that a man with a number of decades on him is still performing so well will hopefully have Montgomerie taking a good look at himself. Mind you, that isn’t a task that too many people would be happy to do so there is every chance that Montgomerie will miss the opportunity to improve himself and his attitude.

For all that his achievement was brilliant though, Watson is not the oldest player who has a hole in one at The Open. That achievement still rests with Gene Sarazen who hit a hole in one back in 1973 at Troon. Sarazen was 71 years old when he had that achievement so Watson has a few more years to keep playing if he wants to take that record for himself.

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