Two new poker stars for Lock Poker

One of the best ways for a poker site or company to get publicity is to sign up major players in a sponsorship deal. Sponsorship is at the heart of many sports and for a money rich activity like poker, it is important for companies to be competing hardtop get their logo and name to as many people as possible. Being able to sign up big name players and have them wear their logo during big tournaments is a major thing for many companies and it is no surprise to see more and more firms snapping up the breaking players.

Sponsorship is more than just wearing a logo

Of course, the sponsorship deal does not just cover the wearing of a logo covered shirt or baseball cap. The player will inevitably make themselves available for promotions, competitions and tutorials through the site and their image will likely adorn the website and promotional material. Anything which can make a poker site stand out from the rest is going to be worth a sponsorship deal and it is no surprise to see so many sites going down the endorsement route. Lock Poker is just one of the poker rooms vying for attention and they seem to be focussing on young and up and coming talent.

Two English poker players are on the rise

The site has recently tied up two new Englishmen in Chris Moorman and Nicky Evans. Moorman had a fantastic year with a second and third placed finish in the WSOP this year. This alone has seen his name and face catapulted into the homes of many poker players and he is definitely the player that many poker players aspire to. He has made over $1m from WSOP play but this is nothing compared to the sums he has made in online play, which currently stands at over $7m. This is the sort of money that most aspiring poker players dream of so you can see why he has been a fantastic choice for Lock Poker.

Nicky Evans has also picked up over $1m in poker play since he became a professional poker player two years ago, so again, he has the skills and achievements that players are looking to emulate. Choosing the right sort of player is important when signing endorsement deals and this is exactly what Lock Poker have pulled off with these two signings.

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