United are the cream of Manchester

At half-time at Wembley, it looked as though the noisy neighbours would be up all night celebrating as City raced into a two goal lead during the FA Community Shield match at Wembley. Yet again, the big two in Manchester were hauled down to London to renew their rivalries but as the City fans usually taunt, this suits the majority of United fans who hail from the capital. Of course, at least United were able to sell out their section for Wembley, something that Manchester City were unable to. City may have the money but they clearly still aren’t as big a club as they think that they are, otherwise they would have managed to sell out all their tickets.

De Gea makes a blunder

Regardless of the smaller numbers of people singing along to ‘Blue Moon’, these fans would have been extremely happy at the half-time whistle. United were the dominant side with regards to possession but two goals in a five minute spell from Lescott and Dzeko put the FA Cup winners into a strong position. The second goal was a personal nightmare for new United keeper David De Gea, who really should have done a lot better with the long-range shot fired at him. It wasn’t quite a blunder of the Massimo Taibi level (a former United goalkeeper signing who badly blundered on his arrival at the club) but no doubt it will have caused a few concerns for the United fans.

United know what it takes

In the second half, United stepped it up a gear and goals from Smalling and Nani made it 2-2, setting up a grand finale. The game may be little more than an expensive pre-season friendly but when two bitter rivals square off against each other, there is always going to be a high level of desire to win the game. This was evident in United, who wanted to win the match more than City, who appeared to shut off with a 2-0 lead. The problem with this is that it can be very difficult to step it back up again and there were few expecting City to win unless they held on for penalties.

They very nearly managed this but a late mistake provided Nani with the opportunity to race in on goal and round Joe Hart before sliding the ball into the empty net. This guaranteed the win for United and ensured that the noisy neighbours would have to hear the sound of celebration from their rivals.

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