Was Spiderman caught in a poker web of lies?

“Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can” is a famous line known to millions of people all over the world but it may well be that Spiderman, or Tobey Maguire as he prefers to be called in real life, has been getting up to activities that a spider wouldn’t do. In the case of kissing Mary Jane, that is fair enough and probably something that many people were jealous of but when it comes to being names in a case that is linked to a scam, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s not just Spiderman in the frame

To be fair to Tobey Maguire, he is just one of the 22 names that could potentially be facing legal action as investors look to recoup money that they say was scammed in a Ponzi scheme. This money was then used as the bankroll in a number of high stake poker games, with Maguire allegedly winning over $300,000 from a hedge fund manager who seemingly lost over $5m of invested money in regular poker games.

Breaking news in the Daily Bugle?

On the surface of it, it is hard to see what Maguire and the other players who have been listed as winning in the case have done wrong if they won the poker money fair and square. It was absolutely wrong for hedge fund manager Brad Ruderman to use invested money to enter these games but once it was in the pot, surely it was fair game?

These are strange and litigious times though and the investors who lost money due to Ruderman’s involvement in these games have launched civil law suits against the players who cleaned up. The reason for the law has been stated that the games were against Californian law. It would be a kick in the teeth to win $300,000 of poker money and then be told that it was illegally won and it had to be paid back.

This is certainly not the last we will have heard of this case but you wonder if any other people may have this is in the back of their minds to get money back after a gambling loss? Stranger things have certainly happened…if only there was some sort of superhero who could sort out this trouble. Unfortunately, it seems as though they are all too busy playing poker to be in the business of catching bad guys anymore!

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