Will a casino be a gamble with Milton Keynes?

It doesn’t seem to matter where a new casino is being built, there is always likely to be some opposition to its planning permission and application. There can be numerous reasons for opposing a casino and it seems that groups and people who would not normally work together will join forces to ensure that they present a stronger unified presence against the casino being built. It can often be harder for the parties looking for the permission to be granted to work together in a fashion than it can be to be negative about the situation so there is often a lot of difficulty in pushing an application through.

There have been some bad planning decisions made in MK

The latest region where this debate is raging is Milton Keynes, an area not known for its sartorial style and elegance. Milton Keynes was one of the new towns that were developed in the 1970s and 80s and many of the features brought into the town, including the mass of roundabouts were met with derision. However, whenever something new comes along, there is always a sense of opposition, perhaps due to the fact that people do not want the area to become worse than it is.

The current plans for a new casino in Milton Keynes are centred in bringing it to the centre of Milton Keynes, placing it in the current car park of the Xscape venue. There is hope that a 24 hour gaming licence will be supplied to the venue but this is always likely to cause problems. Local residents will always be wary of any proposed plan for a round the clock service provided to gamers and people having a drink and this will always form the basis of any opposition.

Some people want an out of town casino experience

The leader of the main group opposing the casino plans, Xplain, are quick to point out that they have no issues if a casino was to be developed in Milton Keynes, they just don’t want it being built in this area. There is an idea that an out of town location, such as the one provided to the football team that moved to the area, would be the better option. It may not be the best option for gamers but it could provide some respite for city denture residents and the local authorities.

It seems certain that there will be a casino coming to Milton Keynes, it just remains to be seen where the casino will be located.

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