Will a digital champion get more people online?

The benefits of being on the internet are well known but there are many people who find that they do not need to add the internet to their household facilities in order to get the most from life.

The Mecca Bingo hall in Crewe has taken the bold move of creating the role of a digital champion, who will encourage people to go online and try out the internet. The company is hoping that Peter Dillon will be able to promote the use of the internet and help many people to learn about the benefits that come from the use of the World Wide Web.

It is said that there are just under 10 million people in the UK who do not currently have access to the internet, with just under half of this amount relating to people who are classed as being economically and socially disadvantaged. This group of people could benefit greatly from the benefits of the internet but sadly too many have missed so far on the benefits of being online.

Money can be saved online

It is reported that the average family can make over £500 in savings by switching to shopping more online, which is a great sum to save in the current economic climate. Not every family will be able to make a saving of this level but at least it presents the opportunity to save some money.

Although Mecca do a lot for their local community, there is no doubt that the company may be able to benefit from introducing the world of the internet to more people. The Mecca group has a bingo site and the company clearly sees the benefits of introducing new customers to their bingo site.

It makes business sense to get customers online

With the online bingo community thriving, many of the existing firms are realising that turning existing bingo fans into online bingo players is crucial in building a long term business plan. There has been hope that physical bingo halls are experiencing a turn around in their fortunes, with many posting positive figures for the first quarter of the year. However, the long term prospect is definitely trending towards the online game becoming more important for bingo companies.

Many people will be naturally cynical about any companies looking to assist the community but there is definitely a history of Mecca working with people in their local area. Yes, the company may be able to get online and enjoy Mecca Bingo but it is also hoped that they would gain in other ways too.

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