Will bingo deal see you meet Noel?

There have been many strange things in life in recent years but the return from a TV grave that Noel Edmonds managed to pull off has been nothing short of miraculous. Edmonds ruled the roost of Saturday TV for a number of decades but his ideas were starting to look tired and jaded. He was rightly dumped from the prime time slot and he then turned up on Sky, hosting some bizarre TV show which was like a live action version of the Daily Mail. In brief, it was right wing and xenophobic to the highest level but sadly, it appealed to many and his comeback was starting to build from there.

The comeback was complete

Edmonds then burst back on to the big stage with the Deal or No Deal TV show, which has been a huge hit. It is an extremely simple TV show but of course, quite often the best ideas are the simplest ones. The tension and drama in the game, aided and abetted by the mysterious banker, has seen Edmonds reclaim a spot as one of TV’s top presenters and has seen the game become a massive smash hit with people of all ages.

The bingo site is a lot of fun

There has even been a Deal or No Deal bingo site and with the show taking a brief break for the summer period, this is likely to be where many viewers turn to for their Deal or No Deal fix. The thing is though, in addition to all the games that are up for grabs, there is the opportunity for players to win the chance to audition for the chance to appear on the show. This is likely to be of great interest for many people and will likely increase the number of players that use the site in the short-term.

Players need to have deposited £20 into their online account before the end of July to be eligible for the chance to win an audition but if you are looking to play bingo games anyway, this is not going to be the hardest challenge to overcome. Many people would pay much more for the chance to meet Noel and pay for the big cash prize hidden in one of the boxes so this is likely to be one of the promotions of the summer time. All in all, there is no doubt that punters will be flocking to this site for the great deal on offer.

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