Will Gala Coral copy the William Hill style of play?

If you are a regular bingo player, you will know that many websites have a very similar layout and games on offer. This is because many of the sites are powered by the same company, with some of the biggest names in the industry propping up the services of many bingo sites. This is good for players who are looking for familiarity and reliability from a bingo site but it can limit the individuality of a site. This means there are positive and negative elements of this sort of arrangements but there may be a big swap deal coming in the next few weeks.

There has been a lot of talk about the Gala Coral company in recent times with the ownership of the company being a regular source of discussion. However, many gamers are more interested in the gaming options provided by the company for their bingo, casino and poker sites. There may be a change coming to the software supplier that is currently used by Gala Coral.

Will there be a major transfer in the bingo community?

This has come about due to the fact that Playtech, who up until now were tied in a joint venture deal with William Hill have now gained some freedom from the company.  William Hill had submitted an application for an injunction which would have prevented Playtech from tying up with other groups but this dispute has now been settled. This now means that Playtech are free to work with other companies and many people seem convinced that the Gala Coral group will be keen to work with them.

Job losses could follow

This will obviously lead to changes in the existing set-up for Gala Coral and could see a lot of the IT jobs in the company be lost. In the current economic climate, job losses are obviously disappointing but no doubt the company will have looked at its numbers and determined that it is the right move to make.

Given that there is a lot of talk about the potential break up of the Gala Coral group, with particular focus being placed on the online bingo element of the company, this news may be viewed as being illuminating with regards to predicting the future. This move could be a perfect way to boost the appeal and interest in the company, helping to raise a higher price for the online bingo element of the group.

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