Will Take That spark a bingo revival?

They aren’t too everyone’s taste but in the UK, it is hard to think of a bigger band that Take That. Yet again, the boys are taking to the stadiums this summer and even though there are better bands, cooler bands, louder bands and hey, even better looking bands, these guys just can’t fail to pack in the crowds. No matter how long it has been since they first stepped on stage in their early days, the Take That phenomenon is still rolling on with their ticket sales still going through the roof.

It only takes a minute to play bingo

The power the band has over their fans is pretty huge and whenever someone in the band professes a liking for something, there is inevitably a spike in interest from their fans. This is the sort of things that fans do and Take That fans, regardless of what age they are or how far down the line they are with respect to following the group, still revert back to their teenage ways. In brief, if Take That say jump, all of their fans say how high! This may mean there is likely to be an explosion in the interest of bingo because the boys have announced that they regularly play bingo before taking to the stage in their stadium tour.

You need a little patience for bingo

A large reason for this is down to Gary Barlow, led singer of the band and in his youth, a bingo caller. Yes, before the days of covering Barry Manilow songs made Gary a huge star, he was a bingo caller, bringing joy and pleasure to ladies…much like he does in his main job today. The lads in the band refer to the game as Barlow’s Bingo and there is no doubt that it is just a bit of fun to take their mind off the huge numbers of people who will be waiting to see them.

Of course, Take That are no longer a boy band and are probably not bale to party hard like they used to do in their early days. Taking the opportunity to spend some quite time backstage is probably of great benefit to them, conversing their energy for an busy and hectic performance. It makes sense to take it easy before a big performance, after all, the group will still want to impress their fans who have paid an awful lot of money to come and see them perform!

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