World Series of Poker unveils eye-catching new sponsor

It would be fair to say that there has been a fair bit of upheaval in the world of online poker in recent weeks and months and the repercussions are sure to continue for a long time. One of the major things that people have been concerned about is whether the major events and tournaments will take place with the crackdown on the number of online poker sites. Some of the sites who are no longer operational were fully behind sponsorship deals and partnerships with major events and any drop in income will be harshly felt at this moment in time.

After all, the world id still experiencing a major economic problem at the moment, one that is expected to hang around for quite a while. This may increase the need and desire for many people to play online poker or even play their way into the major events but when it comes to finding the sponsorship money to make it all worthwhile, it could be seen that an element of struggle may occur to raise funds.

Blue Shark Optics is the clear choice

This is why many involved in the industry will have raised a sigh of relief when the World Series of Poker made an announcement that they had agreed a new deal for sponsorship. The new sponsor is Blue Shark Optics, who have a sterling reputation in the poker industry. This reputation relates to the fact that the company have provided an immense amount of sunglasses to the biggest names in the world of poker. This means that the Blue Shark Optics brand have been seen by poker lovers all around the world, making this a sponsorship deal that still has poker at its heart.

Maintaining a poker link was crucial

The World Series of Poker were keen to conclude this sort of deal because they wanted to maintain a strong link to existing partners and to ensure that the branding opportunities are still present. It is important to maintain a show of strength and unity during these troubled times and any large company would always have one eye on the marketing and branding rights of any deal. This is what makes the tie=in with Blue Shark Optics such a sensible choice.

With Blue Shark optics now being hailed as the Official Poker Eyewear of the WSOP, do not be surprised to find a greater number of players wearing these sunglasses during the big poker events in the year ahead.

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