Would you be interested in rock n roll bingo?

In the current economic climate, it is important for companies to do as much as they can to ensure that they make as much money as possible and are as attractive to customers as possible. Every firm and industry will have their own problems and difficulties but the licensed trade have not had their troubles to seek in recent years. The smoking ban has definitely had an impact on pubs and bars across the country as some people just don’t want to drink if they are not able to enjoy a cigarette or cigar at the same time.

Money is tight these days

Add this to the fact that many people have a far reduced level of income and it is evidently difficult for people to flock to pubs, clubs and bars in the manner that they used to. This means there is a greater level of pressure on bar owners and landlords to provide forms of entertainment and activity to ensure people keep flocking to the door. Traditional elements like darts and quizzes remain popular but a number of pubs are now turning towards an innovation called rock n roll bingo to bring punters back to the pubs.

Rock n roll will never die

The game has been backed by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, and it appears to have taken off in a number of places around the country. It starts off like a normal bingo but once players start to examine their cards, they will notice that instead of numbers on the cards, they will find song titles or lyrics. This provides a very unique twist and should ensure a wider audience group than a mere game of bingo. Bingo is immense fun and can be enjoyed by everyone but it is not as if a lot of men would be too keen to be seen playing it in the pub by their mates. However, providing a very simple rock n roll twist to the game makes all the difference and many people are finding this to be a great evening out.

In some places, the bingo caller has been getting into the swing of things with dressing up as Elvis Presley seemingly one of the best ways to engage the audience.  Anything which gets more people enjoying bingo has to be a good thing and it appears that rock n roll has the answer.

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