WPT POTY wins at the WSOP

The WPT and WSOP manage to live side-by-side quite happily, each hosting their own events, their own sites and no doubt feeling that they bring something special and unique to the world of poker. Players will have their own favourite from the two but many poker players will happily flit between the big names to give themselves the best choice when it comes to poker fun. After all, no one expects one person to only shop at one supermarket in their town or city, especially if there are special promotions going on for certain products. Going for the best deal is the way that consumers operate these days and that is no different in the world of poker than it is when it comes to buying groceries.

This is why it is no real surprise to learn that the 2010 WPT player of the year has picked up a bracelet in the 2011 season of WSOP. The triumph was the first time that Andy Frankenberger has triumphed at a WSOP event, which came in the $1,500 no-limit hold ‘em event.

Always good to get first win of season

Even though the bracelet is a big deal, the prize fund of $599,153 is always going to be pleasing to a player and it marks the first big win for Frankenberger for this new season. He will be hoping that there will be plenty more to come in that regard and we are sure that he isn’t too bothered where he gets more wins from.

There is likely to be some pleased people in both camps at the WPT and WSOP organisations because it says a lot about their offerings. WPT will be delighted that their player of the year has shown he can march into a WSOP event and beat the best and the rest whereas WSOP will be delighted that a big name associated with WPT also plays with them. It is win:win for all sides but one of the biggest achievements will be the fact that Frankenberger overcame 2,500 poker players to win this event.

The sheer number of players also shows that enthusiasm for poker is not dropping, regardless of the on-going online poker war that is taking place in the United States of America. In reality, instances like this are always likely to get people’s backs up and strengthen their belief in certain causes and ideals so while the action may strike at the sites, the players are unlikely to drop their enthusiasm or love for poker. This is a war that is definitely on-going and there doesn’t appear to be any fall in the number of willing recruits for the poker player’s side.

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