WSOP 2011 bracelet for US veteran

Some poker players can wait a lifetime for even the chance of coming close to winning a major poker event. Some players get to achieve their ambitions a little more readily than others. This is always likely to cause a bit of jealousy and uproar amongst other players but if someone walks away from a major event with a bracelet on their wrist, they have usually earned it. There is also the fact that there will not be too many people grumbling at the latest WSOP winner, at least not in the United States of America.

USA is doing OK

Never mind the fact that victory helps boost the U.S. average against the rise of Canadian and UK winners, the fact that the winner has just recently returned from service in Afghanistan will no doubt bring a tear to the eye of many proud Americans.  Kenneth Griffin was on a leave of absence from his role as a defence contractor in the private sector, after a decade of service, and decided that he fancied taking part in a real-live poker tournament. This is the sport of stuff that poker players dream about but so few manage to turn into reality.

A big win that will do some good

Griffin was just one of 2,890 players in the $1,000 buy-in event but by the end of it all, he was the latest winner of a WSOP prize bracelet. The fact that he can rightly call himself a champion is likely to be a big treat for Griffin but the $455,354 winnings will also be a great boost. Griffin stated after his victory that a large proportion of the money will go to his mother, who is currently ill and receiving a lot of medical treatment. This isn’t cheap so this money may well do a lot of good in giving her the service and attention she requires.

This was only the third time that Griffin had entered a WSOP event and was the first time that he had finished in the cash placing. It just goes to show what can happen on the right occasion and this is why there is so much fondness and admiration for poker. It genuinely feels like an activity where anyone can stand a chance on the given day or night. This is why so many people keep coming back for more because they just need it to go right one time and then their life changes for ever.

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