WSOP allows old scores to be settled

Poker can be about personalities and the head to head matches are what some poker players play for. There is a great sense of joy and satisfaction from winning big cash prizes but overcoming an opponent brings an entirely different sense of pride. Poker is a game about taking on your rivals and using the cards you were dealt to beat the opponent. This means there is a need to get inside the mind of an opponent and try to gauge what they are about to play and try to get one over them.

This means that some of the best poker matches have been games when some of the biggest names have went to head and this is exactly what the World Series of Poker is trying to replicate with their new event. The ‘WSOP Rematches’, manages to recreate games from poker history which ended up being the most memorable of the tournaments history.

Rematches bring the chance of revenge

The first game scheduled for the ‘WSOP Rematches’ is a re-run of the Main Event showdown from 2003. This game featured Chris Moneymaker and Sammy Fahra when Moneymaker made history and raised the bar for every online poker player around the world. Moneymaker managed to battle his way from a satellite event to the final of one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world where he faced off against professional Farha. Moneymaker held his nerve and managed to write his name into poker history books by triumphing.

This rematch allows Farha the chance to gain revenge for this defeat in a best of three run of games.

There is an interesting start to the first game which will see both players behind play with the exact same stacks as they did back in 2003 for the final. In the second game, the stacks will be reversed and if there is a need for a third game, both players will start with the same stack. This is a really innovative twist to these games and adds some added spice to the event. The first game will see if anything would have worked out differently and the best of three elements should ensure that the better player will triumph over the piece.

1989 seems so long ago

The next game sees two huge poker names returning to 1989 when Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth met. This was a painful defeat for Chan who was gunning for his third Main Event victory in a row. The joy of winning two Main Events consecutively doesn’t dull the pain of one that gets away but Chan, like Farha, has the opportunity to see if his luck will change in the new game. This match will see both players start with an equal stack.

These events are a great way to bring the history of the WSOP to life and there is bound to be a lot of interest in other games and rematches taking place. There is a Facebook site dedicated to the event where fans can vote on a third and final showdown for the event. Some of the options include Johhny Chan v Erik Sidel from 1998, Greg Raymer v David Williams from 2004, Jamie Gold v Paul Wasicka from 2006 and Johnathan Dubamel v John Racener from 2010.

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