Paddy Power takes a poke at big poker name

Paddy Power has always been a site that likes to have a bit of fun with their betting offerings and it is the place that many players instinctively turn to. There have been a number of people who appreciate the fact that refund all bets if a certain outcome or incident in the game happens and when it comes to fun and novelty bets, you can bet that Paddy Power will be involved in the process. They even ran into a sport of bother when they had an advert on television which planted the idea of a cat being kicked high into the air by blind football players. Yes, Paddy Power is a site that knows how to have fun.

However, some industry experts may think they have went a bit too far by offering odds on whether Full Tilt Poker will be able to provide any real money games on or after the 27th of July. This is the day after the company has their hearing with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Paddy Power knows all about publicity

Many people will not be amused at the thought of Paddy Power having this bet on as it has a go at someone else in the industry and there are a lot of jobs and money at stake. However, when it comes to generating publicity for Paddy Power, Paddy Power know exactly what they are doing and this latest bit of interest or controversy will do no harm to the company at all.

The bookmaker is saying that it is 1/8 that no real money poker games will be available on Full Tilt Poker on the 27th of July and they are offering 9/2 that there will be. A further bonus comes in the fact that a player who has an account with will have their staked matched as bonus funds into their poker account. This provides a real incentive for poker fans to take a genuine interest in the outcome as they could get a real boost from making a correct prediction with regards the outcome of the case.

In short, if a player was to place a £50 bet on the outcome of the Full Tilt Poker case, they would find that they have been given £50 for their poker account as well. This is surely more than enough to get poker fans gambling on the fate of Full Tilt Poker.

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