Poker In The Park starts to expand

There has been a lot of buzz and excitement about the forthcoming Poker In The Park event which looks to build on the success of last year’s event. Whether you are a casual poker player or have lofty ambitions of becoming a major player on the poker circuit, this is an event that is likely to hold some interest for you. Of course, if you have no interest in poker, this is not an event that will be of interest to you but this may be why the organisers have made some alterations to the event.

Are these games necessary or even wanted?

The event will now feature chess games, rummy and mah-jong in a move that is likely to confound and confuse some people. If the event was games in the park, it would be understandable but this move may be seen to be underplaying the impact of football. A football event wouldn’t feel compelled to bring in a rugby element to please people and neither would a cricket event include a space for horse racing events. Poker has enough popularity to ensure that it can stand on its own two feet without having to bring in other games to add an additional reason to come along.

Is diversification a good thing?

The fact that the event is now moving beyond poker could be seen as an attempt to diversify and bring more people into the event but will this really work? If you don’t like poker, the fact that an event is called Poker In The Park will likely prevent you from coming along. Even if you knew there were going to be one or two other games that you do enjoy, the over-riding poker nature of the event would be more than enough for some people to decide that the event is worth giving a miss to.

It is certainly a bold move by the organisers and it will be interesting to see what the general consensus is for people heading along to the event. It is not as if poker fans will need much deviation from the activity they love although poker fans with wider interest may appreciate the opportunity to try out something else. It seems a bold move but whether the poker playing public will take to it is something that needs to be seen in the forthcoming weeks.

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