Poker refugees service cashing in on misfortune

The FBI crackdown on Black Friday impacted on many people but with poker players fleeing the country in order to be able to play the game they love…and use for income, you wonder about the long term effect of poker playing in the United States. However, in times of crisis, there is opportunity and as The Simpsons informed us, the Japanese have the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity. Sadly, it is not what Homer says, “crisituity”. The need for poker players to move abroad to earn money has been seized upon by the poker refugee service who are charging players $1,000 to assist them find a new home.

Opportunity to make money

The people behind the poker refugee service will state that they are doing nothing wrong and are in fact providing a valuable service to the people who need it. There can be difficulties in moving to a new country and settling all the immigration and paperwork required to be considered a legal entity in the new country. The thing is though; $1,000 seems like an awful lot of money for information that is mainly found on the internet. It is not as if everyone moving country needs to have this level of expertise and guidance leading them through the application processes.

Time is at a premium

Some poker players will say that this service allows them more time to focus on playing online poker but if that is something that they are not able to do at this moment in time, it is not as they lack the time. In all reality, the poker players looking to move abroad to be able to continue their career will have more time at their disposal, which should allow them to carry out their own work in looking to move abroad.

There is no doubt that the full realisation of the actions of the FBI is now dawning on people within the industry and as usual, the people affected most are the ones at the bottom end of it. Players are rarely considered in the grand shake-up of these things but it is the average poker players who are suffering. Many players who just play for fun have found that their main source of entertainment and leisure activity has been stripped from them. However, it is the fact that many people’s livelihoods have been compromised that is the real issue for many within the poker community.

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