Shane Warne hopes lovely Liz can help win at poker

Anything you can do to grab an advantage over an opponent has to be taken, especially in the cut-throat world of poker. There is such a psychological battle that goes on during a poker game; it is quite often the strongest player that manages to seal the win. The thing is though, some players will stop at nothing to win a match and it all depends on how much you want to be a winner. There is no doubt that Shane Warne is a winner in life but even he might be taking things a bit far with his latest suggestion.

Could Liz be a player?

It has been big news that Shane has been dating Liz Hurley and she turned up to watch him play in Las Vegas recently. Shane started explaining that he had been teaching Liz all about the game of poker and that she had been showing some skills that could possibly go a long way to making her a big hit on the poker circuit as well. However, it was then that Shane cut to the heart of the matter with the reasons why Liz was visiting him at the table.

Did Shane help his team?

Let’s face it, if there is anything that is going to act a distraction to a group of men around a poker table, it is the attendance of one of the best looking women in the world so in this sense, Shane Warne had unleashed an impressive tactic in his battle to be a winner. Of course, Shane may also have distracted some of his 888 team-mates at the WSOP event so it may not have been the best team tactic in the long run.

Given that Liz looks as though she’ll be setting down in the United States for a while with a role in the forthcoming series of Chelsea Girl keeping her busy. This may see Liz and Shane turn up at a few casinos in the upcoming months but it was not as if these two were the only celebrities who were on show at the WSOP event.

The Boston Celtic’s Paul Pierce bowed out on the second day as did English TV presenter, columnist, writer and even professional poker player, Victoria Coren. Coren kept her Twitter followers up to date with her play but it didn’t seem as though she enjoyed the breaks of the card often enough…or maybe she was just distracted by Liz Hurley!

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